Narco Cultura - Shaul Schwarz

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Narco Cultura - Shaul Schwarz
Shaul Schwarz - Narco Cultura  artwork

Narco Cultura

Shaul Schwarz

Genre: Documentary

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Release Date: January 21, 2013

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For Mexicans and Latinos in the Americas, there is no music more popular today than narcocorridos. These bloodthirsty and explicit odes to the exploits of narco traffickers and drug lords of Mexico openly glorify violence, narcotics and money. Like gangsta rap in the nineties, "Narco" is a movement threatening to burst into the mainstream. Featuring powerful footage from the front lines of the drug wars and performances from some of the hottest Narcocorrido artists (including El Komander and Buknas de Culiacán) Narco Cultura takes viewers behind the scenes of the most explosive and violent music subculture in America.

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