New Jersey Drive - Nick Gomez

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New Jersey Drive - Nick Gomez
Nick Gomez - New Jersey Drive  artwork

New Jersey Drive

Nick Gomez

Genre: Drama

Price: $14.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: April 19, 1995

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From Executive Producer Spike Lee comes a sizzling action-thriller. The game is cars - taking them from the street for a hot thrill-ride to the fence or the chop shop - and then living off the high until the next Mercedes or BMW rolls by. This is the only life that Jason Petty (Sharron Corley) and his crew understand. And when police lieutenant Emil Roscoe (Saul Stein) pursues his personal vendetta against Jason, the game gets deadly. The odds against survival are overwhelming, but surrounded by friends, family and a glimmer of hope - there's a chance they can turn their lives around. Energized by a riveting rap soundtrack, this urban drama takes a daring look at life on the street - the way it really is.

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