The Nutty Professor (1996) - Tom Shadyac

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The Nutty Professor (1996) - Tom Shadyac
Tom Shadyac - The Nutty Professor (1996)  artwork

The Nutty Professor (1996)

Tom Shadyac

Genre: Comedy

Price: $14.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 28, 1996

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Eddie Murphy gives the "performances" of his career playing no less than seven roles in this uproarious Jekyll-and-Hyde comedy from Imagine Entertainment. Murphy stars as Dr. Sherman Klump, a kind, "calorically-challenged" genetics professor who longs to shed his 400-pound frame in order to win the heart of beautiful Jada Pinkett. So, with one swig of his experimental fat-reducing serum, Sherman becomes "Buddy Love", a fast-talking, pumped-up, plumped-down Don Juan. Can Sherman stop his buff alter ego before it's too late, or will Buddy have the last laugh? Boasting incredible special effects, a super soundtrack, and co-starring James Coburn, Larry Miller, Dave Chappelle and John Ales, this hilarious hit is worth its weight in fun!

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