•   1:03:00
Oh, Doctor!
Release: 1925-02-23

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Oh Doctor [ 1925 ]


Oh, Doctor!

Posted by Laura Goodwin

Rating  :  6.0

Year  :   1925

Duration  :   1h 03m

Rufus Billings was born premature and after a lifetime of doctors doting on his frail health he is now a hypochondriac of the first order. Now an adult Rufus has learned his late father has left him $750,000 but he won't inherit the sum for three more years. Rufus is certain he is on death's door and will never last three years so his Doctor arranges for a loan of $100,000 to pay for a live in nurse. Rufus only has to sign over his inheritance to the greedy trio of Clinch, McIntosh and Peck who along with the doctor are confident he'll live long enough to pay his debt.

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