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The Road Home
Release: 2013-04-08

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The Road Home [ 2013 ]


The Road Home

Posted by Ona Volkman

Rating  :  0.0

Year  :   2013

Duration  :   12h 12m

It's Christmas Eve and 21 year old Dede, has chosen to not spend it with family, instead is traveling with two close friends to a party. Her younger twin sisters travel in another direction back home. The closer Dede gets to her destination, the more she realizes the distance between her and her sisters is not just geographical. When she receives a phone call about the twins' car accident, she examines their past in hope of finding a moment that will help her turn back time.

Cast : Elizabeth Blackmore, Kat Hoyos, Shannon Ashlyn

Crew : Denie Pentecost, Denie Pentecost

Genres : Drama

Production Companies : 

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